Why We Do What We Do Where We Do It…Continued
We purposely educate and immerse the congregation in the biblical philosophy that the Lord so prolifically embedded into the first church, namely, that the church should reflect the cultural makeup and diversity of the community into which it is placed.  We understand that the Lord went to great lengths to prevent the early church from identifying with a particular culture or any other sectarian beliefs (Acts 6:1-7; 10:34; Rom 3:22; Gal 3:28).
It is regarding the issue of diversity that we find the greatest challenge in urban church planting today.  It is not that believers will not accept and acknowledge the validity of the gospel for all.  Rather, it is that they seek to identify with a group with which they find comfort or conform new converts to the social culture that they have deemed to be “Christian.”  This attitude has led to churches becoming more corporate than organic, and commercial (or in church growth coinage, “attractional”) rather than reproductive.  We here at LGC feel that to pursue such a philosophy of church growth in the melting pot of the urban center would be, by nature, exclusive and out of context with the biblical example.