A note from Pastor Powell:
We are enlisting YOUR help in reviewing and helping us better communicate our church’s current ministries.  The goals of this project are:
1.  To inform the members of Living Grace Church regarding our current ministries
2.  To introduce the leaders of each team to the church
3.  To solicit feedback as to how we can better communicate with the congregation of Living Grace Church.
4.  To solicit feedback regarding yearly events and commitments.
What we need you to do:
Please review the “Ministry Overview” document (link below).  This was also handed out Sunday, October 1st and 8th.  If you would, please use the “My Suggestion” form below the Ministry Overview link, and send us your feedback.  You can also submit your ideas by dropping them into the offering basket, in the “box” in the back of the chapel, or by giving them to a deacon.  
These are the questions that we are asking you to help us with:
1. What would you like to see the church doing in the next one/five years?
2. Do you understand the guidelines described in the “Introduction to Living Grace Church” class for working with other ministries?
3. An integral part of the vision the School of Urban Ministry is the education of students for urban church evangelism and work (both theological and experientially).
a. Do you see the need for such an education?
b. If yes, have you attended it?
4. How can SUM better communicate its purpose and serve the church and community?
5. What ministries do you consider to be crucial for you to attend this church?
?* Bolder Teens
?* Youth Education
?* Worship and Audio Visual
?* Small groups
?* School of Urban Ministry
?* Women’s Ministry
?* Men’s Ministry
?* Security Team
?* Church Media
? _________________
? _________________
? __________________
? __________________
? __________________
? __________________
6. Has the church done an adequate job of informing you of its ministries? Y / N
7. How could we better this aspect of communication?
8. If you are interested in any of the above ministries or events, are you will to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to assist in some way in this area?
Thank you!